Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why the Laguna Honda Computer Club IS a Success

---Why I think that LHCC was an immediate success is because it was created with success/happiness of the user as being its primary measurement. The quote by Bill Gates goes right in here. The COMPUTER is the most empowering tool there is. It can handle communication, creativity and can be contoured to each individual using it.

---The Computer Club only asks for one thing, ‘’give us an opportunity to make you happy by exploring things that you enjoy...on the computer.’’  You are able to have Maslow peak experiences with minimum effort. In my vision we will increase the times this happens…allowing the patient to, eventually, do the driving when he feels ready. He/she is off and running, pursuing things that were half-heartedly imagined just a short time ago.

---I’ve seen miracles happen in the short time we have been in existence. With the correct coach the mystery and the stigma behind computers has been debunked. The computer is now their raison d’etre [reason to be.]  The benefit to the health is positive. Feeling better makes you better. People are able to reconnect with living again…and are taught skills where they can learn to take control of their own lives. They may take control, AGAIN…or, for the first time.

---Laguna Honda Hospital can be seen as a Nursing Home...home to about 770 - 780 patients. Housed at Laguna Honda is the underserved population. This is an upgraded version of the same Laguna Honda Hospital that is being made popular by Dr. Victoria Sweet (my former doctor) in her book ''God's Hotel.'' I wholeheartedly recommend reading it. My name is in the acknowledgments. I lived there for seven years. I now live in the newly built LHH next door. Take Care.
POSTED: November 8, 2012

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