Sunday, June 2, 2013

Laguna Honda Computer Club

Laguna Honda Computer Club

---We have started a computer club at Laguna Honda Hospital. It is my feeling that much of what is learned/taught in computer classes is not very relevant. On the practical side, one doesn’t need to know HOW a computer works…to work a computer. It is more important to know the kinds of things you enjoy and have the computer set up for you. You then have the things that you have told us you like on your favorites list.
---After you have chosen your likes, then you, for all intents and purposes, are in business. You will have things that were chosen by you…on your favorites list. You left click your mouse on the favorites list. Find the website that you want to visit and left click on the name. Your computer will go to that website.
---Let’s pretend that we go to YouTube. It seems that everyone likes music. We find the correct line on YouTube to type the artist’s name and the song. Many YouTube songs have more than one version. For example you type in Michael Jackson Billie Jean. There is more than one version. You can hear the cut from the record album or you can watch the live version where Michael J., does the moonwalk and sings. You have many choices of many songs. It is very hard to stump YouTube. And, I’m talking about every song that you’ve ever heard. And everything works much like YouTube. I like to say if you can follow simple directions you can probably work a computer. It isn’t much more complicated than reading a roadmap.
---We are affiliated with the Community Living Campaign and Marie Jobling and Company. If you have any questions for myself or Felipe M., we will, also, be available via, e-mail or you can make it known that you want to see us. If you are interested in a refurbished laptop computer of your own…you should make it a point to talk to one of us, also. We can set the wheels in motion.
---Computers can be a window to the world for us. There is nothing to fear about a computer. With Facebook and E-mail, it is easy to stay in contact with family and friends. A good portion of folks in the world are on Facebook. Even more folks have e-mail addresses. Practically everything is on the computer. Your job is, basically…to ask. You may have to exercise a little patience, but suddenly you may realize the whole world is at your fingertips. And…that is from your hospital bed. Take Care.

Marie Jobling, Judy Auda and Jennifer Walsh showed up today November 21. The members gathered and their questions were addressed and ALL went well...again. We had two new members - Patrick and David P. Marie J + Co. will be back on Jan., 02, 2013 at 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Their belief in what we do continues to breathe life into the project. They are the very necessary  backbone that, (as Bethany may say,) gives US the impetus to continue.
We were glad to welcome Computer Coach Bethany Schwarz...who started with us Saturday, October 27. It was great to have her come aboard.  Bethany visited, January 05, 2013. Another red-letter day for the LHCC. In the words of clubmember Frank A., ''angels do exist.''

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