Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why the Laguna Honda Computer Club IS a Success

---Why I think that LHCC was an immediate success is because it was created with success/happiness of the user as being its primary measurement. The quote by Bill Gates goes right in here. The COMPUTER is the most empowering tool there is. It can handle communication, creativity and can be contoured to each individual using it.

---The Computer Club only asks for one thing, ‘’give us an opportunity to make you happy by exploring things that you enjoy...on the computer.’’  You are able to have Maslow peak experiences with minimum effort. In my vision we will increase the times this happens…allowing the patient to, eventually, do the driving when he feels ready. He/she is off and running, pursuing things that were half-heartedly imagined just a short time ago.

---I’ve seen miracles happen in the short time we have been in existence. With the correct coach the mystery and the stigma behind computers has been debunked. The computer is now their raison d’etre [reason to be.]  The benefit to the health is positive. Feeling better makes you better. People are able to reconnect with living again…and are taught skills where they can learn to take control of their own lives. They may take control, AGAIN…or, for the first time.

---Laguna Honda Hospital can be seen as a Nursing Home...home to about 770 - 780 patients. Housed at Laguna Honda is the underserved population. This is an upgraded version of the same Laguna Honda Hospital that is being made popular by Dr. Victoria Sweet (my former doctor) in her book ''God's Hotel.'' I wholeheartedly recommend reading it. My name is in the acknowledgments. I lived there for seven years. I now live in the newly built LHH next door. Take Care.
POSTED: November 8, 2012

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hildegarde of Bingham meets

The 21th Century Laguna Honda Residents/Patients and

Hence…The Computer Club

---Hildegarde of Bingham was a nun in the twelfth century. She saw the human organism to be much like a plant equipped to heal itself if left alone. If anyone cares to follow up on any part of her life…feel free. There is much to be found in Dr. Victoria Sweet’s book, ‘’God’s Hotel.’’ She saw mankind as having its own power to green itself…and become well again if not interfered with by many of the things that through a search for convenience in a ‘’fool’s paradise,’’ have placed his very existence in jeopardy.

---Just as Dr. Victoria Sweet relates in her book, ‘’God’s Hotel,’’ her patient, Terry Becker, is an example of this. To treat Terry’s near fatal bedsore that developed by living in such a way that causes MUCH wear and tear on the body. To give the best course of treatment, Dr. Sweet called upon the work of Hildegarde the nun of the 12th century. The best course seemed to Dr. Sweet to be to remove all the things interfering with theviriditas (the chi, the prana, the life-force, the cosmic-force, the universal-force, the love-force, the god-force, the Divine, etc., whatever one feels comfortable in calling this force) from doing its thing on Terry Becker. Dr. Sweet went to work on getting rid of all the negative distractions that got in the way of the human organism’s ability to heal itself. That refers to everything negative to this process. Over time, a good long time…the bedsore healed.

---In ALL patients being treated anywhere…for anything…it works much the sameway. The necessary plan has to be made to allow the viriditas, the life-force, (has many different names) to do its thing. Its thing is to correct or make right the organism. We ALL have this inside. Remove whatever obstructs the life-force, the viriditas, from doing its thing…then allows it to do its thing.

---How do we see Hildegarde meeting the Computer Club? I see it this way – one of the objectives of the computer club is to find the point-of-entry of the resident. That is usually where the point of true happiness resides. Happiness is contentedness…the point where all is well with the world.  Where the point-of-well-being happens to be. One is most receptive to the this point. The point of IS.
---Since most of everything can be found on the computer, we match the preferences of the patient with things that he has been searching for most of his life which are in one form or another…on the computer. The preference could be a piece of music that has meaning to him from his past. It could be a place that has meaning. It could reconnecting with others that grow his socialness. It can resolve past transgressions by communication between patients, friends and family members. This state of eliminating attitudinal + behaviorial negatives and removing hindrances and obstructions to receiving the viriditas or life-force (the Divine) from doing what it does…allows it do its thing.

---On the computer…one can, also, explore different interests on multitudes of subjects. One can just watch TV Shows and/or listens to radio shows of the past. One can, also, access stations, events or see scenes or scenery from all over the world. What I’m trying to say is that most folks can find something or other to match with something of interest and has meaning in their life…on the computer.

---When one gets reintouch with that part of himself that seems to lie dormant in many of us…he reactivates all of the vital juices of life and living that many years of wrong thinking and wrong living has left us with. What is reactivated (in all of us) is the very thing that Hildegarde is speaking of – the viriditas.

---When one learns to work with and to allow the life-force to reactivate and be a player in his show…the quality of his life improves many, many times over.  Wellness is now looming in his life. Take Care.