Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aging & Disability Technology Summit Recap

---Here is something that you may find interesting. Though the summit has already happened you can see that there is a movement going on that is trying to de-stigmatize the computer for older folks and for those who are not yet seeing the computer as a ''friendly'' piece of equipment.

---I, myself, demonstrated my blogs. We are trying to show folks that the most limiting factor that is encountered is one's self-limiter. The sky is your limit...if you can think so freely. I am 61 years old and am dealing with a stroke, have no fingers on my left-hand (birth defect) and double vision. The computer allows me to be connected in a way that is better than I ever thought possible. If you exert a little effort, the return will probably amaze you...and be benefical to you beyond belief.

Aging & Disability Technology Summit

---Here is a long-version of the summit. There is a Wii demonstration at the beginning. There is much info contained within. For anyone who may enjoy going thru a long-version of the recap...feel free. Don't feel obligated to watch the whole video, it is very long.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


---It is a computer club formed for the residents of Laguna Honda Hospital. It is a way for residents to learn about or obtain affordable, refurbished laptop computers and begin the life broadening fun that others have had with computers. This club is formed with the resident/patient in mind. We realize that some folks may have certain challenges, but we feel that learning a few easy things on the computer can do wonders for the outlook of those able to put out a minimum of effort. A computer allows folks to be able to enjoy a treasure trove of entertainment pleasure. It can be your window to the world.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Signing In To Yahoo! Mail - Already Have Account

How do I Make a New Yahoo Email Address

How to Sign Up to Yahoo Mail

.---Though the video may be in a different language, it seems very straightforward when she reaches the Yahoo info page. If you don't have alternative can answer two questions that will identify that it is you logging on to Yahoo. There are many folks in the world with the same name.