Saturday, July 27, 2013


To Whom It May Concern:

We at Laguna Honda Hospital are very grateful for the help and support given to us by the Community Living Campaign. Our involvement with the CLC has made the Laguna Honda Computer Club…possible.

 The CLC has provided refurbished computers to hospital residents who seem able to benefit from owning a personal computer. The CLC has set up a way for residents to earn a PC of their own by helping each other learn the computer from each other. Being a long term hospital resident, myself, I am aware of how owning and learning to operate a computer can be a real game changer to those who partake in this. Many of the residents seem to respond to more than just the television set provided.

 The computer is a window to the world. As Bill Gates was quoted, ‘’the computer increases communication and creativity.’’ This can work in spades to those participating hospital residents. I have witnessed one resident see pictures of her grandson for the first time  on Facebook. Her comment was, ‘’look, he has my nose!’’
Another Spanish resident is learning SKYPE and plans to allow others in the Spanish community at LHH to talk with family members in their different countries. He has been having health issues, but still sees this as a very possible thing to have happen. One blind resident commented after his interaction with a CLC worker... ‘’Angels do exist.’’

With e-mail, YouTube, Facebook, SKYPE…etc., etc. There are many benefits to being hooked into the system at LHH. Wifi is provided by LHH. Computers and tech support are provided by CLC. The Laguna Honda computer club members have benefited from knowing CLC people. The CLC door is open for members to grow and increase their involvement with the community of CLC members.  I hope that this partnership continues for a long, long time. It seems to be a win-win proposition.


Paul Hendrickson  (resident)

Laguna Honda Computer Club

Laguna Honda Hospital

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