Monday, August 6, 2012

More FAQ's

What is the time bank?
---The time bank is simply this – You deposit one unit of service for every one hour of service that you do.
---If you spend two hours helping someone else, you can deposit two hours/units into the time bank. If you recently purchased a refurbished laptop computer at 24 units of service, you can spend the two hours/units on the laptop computer. You now owe 22 hours/units of service.
What is the $20.00 fee?
---There is a $20.00 fee that is collected when/if you qualify and want a refurbished laptop computer. If you have NO need for a computer then there will be NO fee.
---If you want a refurbished laptop then you sign up for a computer. IF YOU QUALIFY then you agree to do 24 hours/units of service and pay $20.00. We hang on to the $20.00 and you get a laptop.
---The $20.00 is returned to you after you complete the 24 hours/units of service. The laptop + $20.00 then belongs to you free and clear…but, with hope that you continue to help others when necessary and use the time bank.

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